Me and Other Coincidences by Alex Vachon

Things that work in New York and therefore in my life:

  • Going to a coffee shop right at the time they offer a free whipped cream cup cake.
  • Breathing deeply.  It is profoundly soothing and if it works in Manhattan, it works everywhere.
  • The doorman at my apartment building.  Always there to buzz me if someone sends me a special box.  Always making my wife nervous too.
  • New York is the place for networking.  You can network non stop 24/7.
  • New York subway.  Appreciating our subway system goes a long way in improving you karma.
  • To be cotinued…

About Alex Vachon

I founded Cartouche Creations LLC in Greenwich Village, NY in 2011. At Cartouche, we don't make videos, we make films! In fact, we do make digital videos of high quality, that's why we call them films. For brands, non-profits, people as a matter of fact. Live action, animation, live-streaming, virtual reality. There's always a good story somewhere to be made into a film. Our job is to find it and make it come alive.
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